The Mountain Navigation & Safety Skills Course is ideal for those who want to develop their map and compass skills in challenging terrain and become self sufficient in the mountain environment. The course is run throughout the year in the Isle of Skye Scotland and is led by a qualified and experienced Mountain Leader and Navigation Instructor.

  • Equipment selection and use

  • Orientation of the map

  • Symbols and scales

  • Grid references

  • Ground shape and contours

  • Strategies for finding a feature

  • Micro navigation

  • Identifying the mountains and ridges all around

  • Pacing and timing distances

  • Measuring and walking on a bearing

  • Relocation strategies

  • How to find where you are if you get lost

  • What to do in an emergency

Navigation and Map Reading Courses, Mountain Skills and Hill Walking Activities, Guided Expeditions, Wilderness Survival Skills and Expedition Preparation Training in the Brecon Beacons Wales and the Isle Of Skye Scotland, Jungle Trekking Expeditions in Borneo, Asia and Dog Sledding Expeditions in the Arctic Circle.