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Explore Navigation Skills
Brecon Beacons Wales UK (1 Day)
Essential Navigation & Hill Walking Skills

Explore Navigation Skills one day course in the Brecon Beacons is the ideal foundation to learn the essential outdoor safety and fundamental map reading and compass navigation techniques required to start exploring the great outdoors.

Explore Navigation Skills is also the perfect refresher if you have previous experience and need to sharpen your knowledge and skills before venturing into more challenging terrain or training. The Explore Navigation Skills one day course is guided by a qualified and experienced Mountain Leader (ML) and is held outdoors in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Bannau Brycheiniog, Wales UK.

What you will learn

Staying safe in the outdoors

Planning and preparation

Equipment selection and organisation

Route planning and records of intentions

Movement skills and route finding

Understanding the weather

Heat and cold illnesses

Choosing the right maps

Map scales, signs & symbols

The grid reference system

Choosing a compass

Grid, true north and magnetic variation

Setting the map

Relating the map to land, and land to map

Using linear features

Measuring timing and distance

Contours and reading between the lines

Taking and following a bearing

Navigation strategies

Using transit points and back bearings

Aiming off, boxes and attack points

Slope aspect and shape


Introduction to Apps and GPS

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Available Dates 2024

3rd August 2024 Brecon Beacons

21st September 2024 Brecon Beacons

5th October 2024 Brecon Beacons

2nd November 2024 Brecon Beacons

7th December 2024 Brecon Beacons


£95 Per Person

6:1 Ratio

9.00am to 4.30pm

Brecon Beacons, Wales

Explore Navigation Skills Brecon Beacons Wales UK TRAILCRAFT
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