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To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give,

 to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.

 Hans Christian Andersen

Our Mission

The aim of TrailCraft is to inspire adventurous travel; to undertake journeys into wild country and venture safely off the beaten track with confidence.

There are infinite opportunities and exciting experiences to be found in the world's wilderness regions, from the Mountains to the Deserts and the Jungles to the Poles, let TrailCraft provide the key to open that door.

Navigation Skills Courses, Mountain acti

Skills & Adventures 2022


Introduction to Navigation - 1 Day

Brecon Beacons

2022: 9th April, 7th May, 11th June, 9th July,

6th August, 10th September, 8th October,

12th November, 10th December

Cost: £80


Mountain Navigation - Weekend

Brecon Beacons

2022: 9-10th April, 7-8th May, 11-12th June,

9-10th July, 6-7th August, 10-11th September,

8-9th October, 12-13th November, 10-11th December

Cost: £150

Night Micro Navigation Skills Wales TrailCraft Expeditions

Complete Navigation - 4 Days

Brecon Beacons

2022: 11-14th June, 9-12th July,

6-9th August, 10-13th September,

8-11th October,

Cost: £275

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